Create the Vibrant Parish You're Dreaming About

We provide personalized parish planning services and catechetical/discipleship training that helps Catholic leaders create vibrant, faith-filled, mission-focused parishes. 

Your Parish Calendar is Full of Programs

But They Don't Seem to Move the Needle on...

  • Engaging existing parishioners  
  • Seeing more people at Mass 
  • More people involved in ministry 
  • Attracting new parishioners
  • More people donating money 
  • New people entering the Church 

If so, you need a plan...and we can help. Learn how to refocus your parish ministries, develop your ministry leaders, and train parishioners to become missionary disciples who can share the Gospel and accompany others on their journey of faith.   

Your Plan for Parish Renewal


Assess Your Ministries

Our Clear Path for Discipleship framework, allows you to assess your parish ministry for mission effectiveness.  


Create a Ministry Plan

Formulate a ministry structure that facilitates conversion, deeper devotion, and ongoing missionary activity.  


Train Your Leaders

Equip parishioners to carry this out with personalized, mentored, catechetical and discipleship formation.  

Let Us Guide You Through This Process

Every parish is different. Each has a unique character the comes from history, location, demographics, and the spiritual gifts of pastors and parishioners. We're not here to tell you what that looks like. You know better than we do.

We want to help you bring out the beauty and vibrancy within your community through consulting and training that develops leaders who can share the Gospel clearly and simply, lead people into deepening relationships with Jesus, and train others to do the same.  

Ministry Assessment and Planning -

The Clear Path for Discipleship

In this process, parish leaders evaluate their ministry structure through the lens of mission.  

With this they form a ministry plan addressing the needs of people at every stage of faith development and leading to the formation of missionary disciples.

Online Catechetical Training -

Equipped Online Formation

Equipped is catechetical training that enables parish leaders to train volunteers in effective ministry skills, as well as mentor participants entirely online. 

Thus, it can take place anytime, anywhere at the learner's convenience. 

Discipleship Leader Training -

Conversion Greenhouse Ministries

Facilitating deeper conversions is the key to making this whole thing work. Ministries that do this well are called Conversion Greenhouses. 

We can help you choose the one that fits best based on price, time investment, and leadership capacity.   

Get Started with Equipped Online Formation for FREE

Equipped is free this year in our diocese through a grant from the Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus.

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