Ongoing Formation and Support for Ministry and Christian Life

Catechesis & Faith Formation, Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph, MO

Online Catechetical Training Focused on Mentoring

Parish ministry leaders often function as trainers and mentors to their volunteers. This training program respects these existing relationships and helps ministry leaders support and build up volunteers.

Our goal is to support parish leaders in their existing mentoring roles. Utilizing the CI - Online Learning Platform with built-in one-on-one mentoring functionality, we enable leaders to form teams in effective ministry skills and mentor them toward positions of increased parish leadership. 


Accompaniment as an essential value. 

The CI-Online Learning Platform has mentoring capability built in. The participant gets feedback and leader sees their progress. Accompaniment and accountability ensure completion. 

It also allows us to mentor and accompany ministry leaders . This way, support is available in every aspect of ministry. 

Accompaniment as an essential value.


Ongoing formation.

Formation needs aren't static. They change and grow. Ongoing formation is a small commitment of continuing education that lasts as long as a person is active in ministry. 

For volunteer ministry we recommend two workshops per year. School teachers engage with this program during their Spring semester.

Ongoing formation



not programs. 

Traditional certifications teach a select few skills to everyone. However, does each person gain the right skills they need at that particular time?

With ongoing formation and a mentor's help, participants discern where they need help and choose appropriate workshops. This process respects the individual's needs instead of merely satisfying the demands of a program.

People...not programs

Your Plan for Getting Started

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Guides include suggestions for best workshops to start.  

Getting Started Guides


This guide walks parish pastors through set up with accounts, how to oversee back end operations, appointing administrators, and making decisions for organizing training groups. READ THE GUIDE 

Parish Catechetical Leaders

This guide helps parish Directors of Religious Education (DRE) and other parish catechetcial leaders get started using Equipped Online Formation. READ THE GUIDE

Catholic Schools

This guide helps Catholic School principals and teachers get started using Equipped Online Formation. READ THE GUIDE


Equipped is primarily a ministry training platform, but many workshops are also great for the average parishioner wishing to increase their knowledge of the Faith.  READ THE GUIDE

Why Use Equipped Online Training?

  • Affordable: First year FREE for all parishes through Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus grant. 
  • Accessible: Completely online training can take place anytime, anywhere at the learner's convenience. 
  • Adaptable: For ministry leaders and parishioners looking to share the faith or growth in their own faith.  
  • Based on the Model of Accompaniment: Learners mentored online or in person by experienced guides.  

Equipped Workshops are FREE!

Equipped and the Catechetical Institute are FREE to use for all parishes in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph due to generous financial support provided by the Missouri State Council of the Knights of Columbus.

This funding was made possible by the annual, statewide, Religious Information Bureau (R.I.B) collection. Get information about the Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus, or become a member today.