The Way: Youth to Young Adult Initiative

A comprehensive roadmap for children's faith formation from infancy to young adulthood. The Way guides parents in fostering lifelong faith and assists youth in uncovering the purpose and direction of their lives as Catholics.

Raising happy, confident, faith-filled kids these days can be challenging. 

The Culture has Shifted...

  • Religion is no longer central
  • Society undermines traditional values
  • Faith is trivialized as a self-help accessory
  • There is widespread skepticism of authority
  • Personal belief has become subjective

How do you keep your children from getting lost in this often destructive landscape? What you need is a roadmap for navigating your children's formative years and teaching them to trek safely on their own.

We developed The Way: Youth to Young Adult Initiative to be that guide. It employs methodologies developed from over 15 years of sociological research, as well as the perennial wisdom of the Church. 

If you're unsure how to form your children to thrive in this shifting cultural environment (or just want help with what to do), this is the plan you've been waiting for. 

christian smith

-handing down the faith p.69-

Parents define for their children the role that religious faith and practice ought to play in life, whether important or not, which most children roughly adopt. Parents set a ‘glass ceiling’ of religious commitment above which their children rarely rise. Parental religious investment and involvement is in almost all cases the necessary and even sometimes sufficient condition for children’s religious investment and involvement.

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Our Story

The concept of “The Way” started with a longing for more. The faith formation programs in our diocese are robust and comprehensive. Still, there are problems. We longed to do something about the drop-off in attendance from the primary grades to middle school and a further drop from middle school to high school.

Learn How to Raise Confident, Faith-Filled Kids Who Will Practice the Catholic Faith for a Lifetime 


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