Equipped Signup Instructions

This guide helps you get started using Equipped Online Formation for FREE. 

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "Register Online." 

3. Click on the box that says "My parish or school is already registered, and I would like to set up my free account under that institution.

4. This will take you to a login page. Click on the "create a new account" link. 

5. Fill out the information on the new account tab. Including the diocese as well as your parish name and location. You will also be prompted to input this later to associate your account with your parish. However, this information goes into your profile so it's necessary here, as well.

6. Once you fill out all the required information, click "Create new account." You will be taken to a page where you can enter your diocese. Choose "Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph" from the drop down list.

7. Then choose your parish from the drop down menu. 

By associating your account with a parish in our diocese, you gain free access to the system. Find your parish in the drop down list and click "Sign Up."

8. You will be taken to a Dashboard page that contains links to available tracks and courses. You should see a message at the top indicating "You have successfully received a free subscription to Franciscan at Home through your institution."

You may take any currently available course for free with your subscription. Browse the list and have a ball!

Click on a link under "Start Learning…" and "Franciscan Tracks" to start a track.

9. You will be taken to a Track Page. Links to individual courses are under "Courses of Study." However, you will have to click on "Start this track without a mentor" before links to the course titles will become active.

Right now, the default is starting without a mentor. The institutional leader must enable the learner to request a mentor on the backend before one can be requested and assigned.

10. Once the learner is enabled to request a mentor, you will have a second option to start the course with a mentor as seen below. 

11. Click on a "Course of Study." You will be prompted to "Start this course." 

12. Once you do this, links to individual workshops will be active. Click on a workshop link, then click "Start this workshop" and you'll be ready to go.

13. The workshop page will look like this. Download the handout then scroll down to watch the first video and begin.