Confirmation Feedback Form Questions


Name [person filling out form]

email address



Names of people responsible for Confirmation program


Parish Name





Please describe your plans for formation for the 2024 (Fall) – 2025 (Spring) School Year.


Will you have confirmation class groups for more than one grade level?  Please describe and list your plans through implementation of 6th grade level Confirmation. (The expectation is to have full implementation of 6th grade Confirmation preparation and reception by the year 2027.)


What formation materials/curriculum do you plan to use?


Would you like individualized help in implementing/using this curriculum?



Confirmation ceremony groupings of multiple parishes are expected to continue to be used for rural (typically deanery-wide), St. Joseph, and KC Metro parishes.  The questions below will help us determine the needs for rural groupings for Deaneries VII, VIII, IX, and X, as well as St. Joseph and KC Metro Parishes that normally have fewer than 20 confirmandi from their parish.


Are you planning to have any additional Confirmandi prepared (and therefore need to schedule an additional ceremony/attend one that already is scheduled) in Spring 2024 or Fall 2024?


How many confirmandi do you anticipate in 2024 (Fall) – 2025 (Spring)?  Please indicate the grade level(s) you anticipate having prepared in this school year. We are asking here for an educated guess/estimate, not exact numbers.


Do you foresee needing one or two ceremonies due to the number of confirmandi?


Please provide dates or date ranges that will not work for your parish (i.e. particular day of the week, date of a local event, conflict with graduation ceremony, etc.)